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How To Create Value Contents On Epinny And Make Cool Cash Daily

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You Probably have stumbled on the idea of how you can make money when you browse the internet by creating a value content on www.epinny.com. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can create a value content and make money for (life).

What is Value Content
Value content is just a post, article, story, news, lectures, images (etc) that you create yourself (or you have seen online) which you share on www.epinny.com with the rest of the world.

How Value Content Generates Money For You
Whenever you create a value content, its engagement generates EPYDOT(Epinny Valued Currency) for you. You can thence exchange it into your local bank account at the exchange rate of the day you make the transaction.

How To Create Value Content with Ease.
Now you know what value content is. Follow these steps to know how you can create value content that will be approved immediately and rank on first page.

Lets say while I was browsing facebook or twitter or instagram and the rest,  I stumbled on a Hot Gist online about a scandal or anything interesting. I like to share this news with the rest of the world and make money with it on epinny. These are the steps I will take.

1. I get information and images about this hot gist. (I can search google, blogs, etc to get more info). Download the images into my phone (you will need this if you want to rank top).

2. I assume you have registered your email on www.epinny.com and you have been confirmed. (if you are not registered, Whatever you post will be posted as guest. You may not be able to claim it again. this is how to register).

Select Login/Register at the bottom of the screen and fill your email and password. A code is sent to your email. Get that code and enter it into confirmation. You will be Logged In.

3. Click on the menu. (You will see it at the "Top Left Corner" of your screen. Select "Write A Post" and your Post Dashboard appears.

4. This is the most important part of this tutorial.
Your Post Category.
Select from a list of category, the type your content describes.

Your Post Title.
Fill your Post Tittle with a caption that is attractive. e.g Shocking Discovery About Banky XLX That No One Knew about. Your Title is so important If you want your post rank top. You can decide what this is after you are through with your content.

Your Post Content.
Fill your Post Content into the space provided. Make use of good paragraphs, insert images in-between your contents.(use the menu of your content editor to design your content in the best format that suits you. Here is a brief tutorial how to use your editor.

1-Bold. Use this to Make your content look Bold like this
2-Italic and Underline. Use this to Make your content look Italik like this and underline your content like This
3. Break link is used to remove the link on a text. Create Link is used to create a link to a website. The color palette is used to change the color of a text Like This or This. 
The Next Color tab is used to change the background color of your text or content like this
4. The align Tab is used to align your content to the side you want.
 like this
5. List tab is used to create a number list or bullet list.
6. Font size. You can use this to change the size of your text Like This
7. Upload Image. This will let you upload image in between your contents like i did above

Your Post ThreadTag.
This Portion is not compulsory. Trust Me you should create one for your type of post. It will enable others to search for your articles fast. If you want to see contents I have posted on General Category, search "mygeneral" by clicking the button below your screen.

Your Post Featured Image.
Upload a small sized featured image that will be seen beside the title of your post. If you want to rank Top, Upload a Featured Image.

Submit Your Post
Once you submit your post, Share it to your social media and start counting your cash.

Still want to know more about Epinny Tutorials . Search more with my threadTag on epinny  tutorials "EpinnyTutorials" or follow this link javascript:nicTemp();

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